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80mm Aperture Hologram
  • 80mm Aperture Hologram80mm Aperture Hologram
  • 80mm Aperture Hologram80mm Aperture Hologram
  • 80mm Aperture Hologram80mm Aperture Hologram
  • 80mm Aperture Hologram80mm Aperture Hologram
  • 80mm Aperture Hologram80mm Aperture Hologram
  • 80mm Aperture Hologram80mm Aperture Hologram

80mm Aperture Hologram

You are welcome to come to our factory to buy the latest selling, low price and high-quality 80mm Aperture Hologram. Zhixing have rich experience in the production of wire ruler, we have our own processing and production factory, the price is favorable, and we support the customization of various sizes, while ensuring high precision, to meet all requirements of customers, welcome to consult, look forward to working with you.

Zhixing, a professional manufacturer, would like to provide you high quality 80mm Aperture Hologram.

80mm Aperture Hologram is a new type of optical element, which has great potential in some specific optical applications. The following are its applications in the optical industry:

1. Display technology: 80mm Aperture Hologram can be used to enhance optical components of flat displays, reduce reflection and increase brightness. At the same time, it can also be used in 3D display technology to improve the display quality and appearance effect.

2. Laser technology: 80mm Aperture Hologram has great application value in laser focusing, and can be used in laser modulation, laser scanning and laser information processing. It can also be used in industrial cutting machines, engraving machines, laser printers and other high-end equipment to improve processing efficiency and accuracy.

3. Optical imaging: 80mm Aperture Hologram can also be used as an alternative to optical lenses to improve imaging quality. It can also be used for enhancements to head-mounted displays to improve virtual reality and augmented reality effects.

4. Biomedical: 80mm Aperture Hologram can be used in biomedical fields, such as improving resolution and contrast in microscope imaging. It can also be used in optical scanning imaging, cell analysis and therapy, which is of great significance for the development of precision medicine.

In short, 80mm Aperture Hologram has a wide range of application prospects, and its application in the optical industry is very wide, which will have a positive impact on the development of optical technology.


Holograms transparent Glass ±0.001mm Fragile

Amplitude hologram product physical display

Display of hologram test results

company advantage

In terms of computational holograms, Zhixing can provide full-process solutions from optical design, processing file coding, semiconductor processing, inspection error analysis, and inspection result calibration. The product delivery time is within 1 to 2 weeks, and the price is more advantageous.

In terms of calibration plates, the company can provide comprehensive and professional services in material processing, coating, semiconductor processing, precision cutting, and reliability testing.


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