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100mm Aperture Hologram
  • 100mm Aperture Hologram100mm Aperture Hologram
  • 100mm Aperture Hologram100mm Aperture Hologram
  • 100mm Aperture Hologram100mm Aperture Hologram
  • 100mm Aperture Hologram100mm Aperture Hologram
  • 100mm Aperture Hologram100mm Aperture Hologram

100mm Aperture Hologram

You can rest assured to buy customized Zhixing 100mm Aperture Hologram from us. Zhixing is a technology-based enterprise focusing on the research and development of optical devices. The founder of the company graduated from famous optoelectronic schools. We look forward to cooperating with you, if you want to know more, you can consult us now, we will reply to you in time!

Zhixing is a professional manufacturer and supplier in China, which has rich experience in the production of 100mm Aperture Hologram. We have our own processing and production factory, the price is favorable, and we support the customization of various sizes, while ensuring high precision, to meet all requirements of customers, welcome to consult, look forward to working with you.

100mm Aperture Holograms are special optical elements with a wide range of applications in various optical fields. These holograms act as powerful tools for enhancing performance and stability in optical systems.


Optical Sensing: 100mm Aperture Holograms excel at detecting subtle changes within optical systems. When light encounters disturbances, these holograms function as highly sensitive detectors, identifying the changes and triggering a signal.

Laser Systems: Within laser systems, 100mm Aperture Holograms play a crucial role in manipulating the laser beam's size, shape, and orientation. They can be employed to reduce speckle, ultimately improving the laser's output power and overall performance.

Optical Communication: In optical communication systems, 100mm Aperture Holograms contribute to improved transmission quality and stability. They can fine-tune the phase and intensity of optical signals, enabling precise adjustments to the distance between transceivers or the direction of the optical emitter.

Zhixing: Your Partner in 100mm Aperture Hologram Technology

At Zhixing, we possess extensive experience in the production of high-precision 100mm Aperture Holograms.  Our in-house processing and production facilities allow us to offer competitive prices and cater to various size requirements while maintaining exceptional precision. We welcome inquiries and look forward to collaborating with you to unlock the full potential of 100mm Aperture Hologram technology in your optical projects.


100mm Aperture Hologram transparent Glass ±0.001mm Fragile

Real product demonstration of phase-type computer-generated holograms

side display

Display of hologram test results

Company Profile

Zhixing, a pioneering force in optical device development, leverages expertise from top optoelectronic graduates. We offer a comprehensive suite of services, including optical system design, aspheric surface processing, and in-house production of advanced aspheric inspection tools using Computational Holography (CGH).  As a leader in CGH technology, Zhixing holds independent intellectual property rights, breaking the foreign monopoly in this field. Our expertise extends to machine vision calibration board development, where we foster long-term partnerships with renowned domestic and international players.


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