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Dissymmetry Halcon Calibration Board
  • Dissymmetry Halcon Calibration BoardDissymmetry Halcon Calibration Board
  • Dissymmetry Halcon Calibration BoardDissymmetry Halcon Calibration Board
  • Dissymmetry Halcon Calibration BoardDissymmetry Halcon Calibration Board
  • Dissymmetry Halcon Calibration BoardDissymmetry Halcon Calibration Board
  • Dissymmetry Halcon Calibration BoardDissymmetry Halcon Calibration Board

Dissymmetry Halcon Calibration Board

You can rest assured to buy customized Dissymmetry Halcon Calibration Board from us. Zhixing can complete optical system design, aspheric surface processing, aspheric inspection tool (computational hologram, CGH) production, machine vision calibration board development and other needs according to customer needs, and has independent aspheric inspection tools (computational hologram, CGH). Zhixing look forward to cooperating with you, if you want to know more, you can consult us now, we will reply to you in time!

Zhixing can  customized with high precision and cheap Dissymmetry Halcon Calibration Board,it is a calibration tool for camera, scanner and other equipment, mainly used to calibrate the distortion and deviation of equipment. Compared with the traditional calibration plate, the asymmetric pattern calibration plate has better positioning accuracy and wider application range.

The Dissymmetry Halcon Calibration Board consists of a number of different patterns, each with a different size, shape, and position. These patterns form a complete pattern, and by analyzing and processing this pattern, the device can precisely locate and calibrate the image.

When using the Dissymmetry Halcon Calibration Board, the device automatically identifies and records the position and characteristics of each pattern, and then compares and calibrates based on this information. Compared with the traditional calibration board, the asymmetric pattern calibration board can calibrate the equipment faster and more accurately, and improve the quality and accuracy of the image.

In the modern digital age, the  Dissymmetry Halcon Calibration Board has become a necessary calibration tool for cameras, scanners and other equipment. Its application range is very wide, including medical imaging, industrial quality inspection, computer vision and other fields.

In general, the Dissymmetry Halcon Calibration Board is a high-precision and high-efficiency calibration tool, which can help the device accurately identify and process the image, improve the quality and accuracy of the image. In the future, the asymmetric pattern calibration board will continue to play an important role in promoting the development and application of digital technology.

In addition, Zhixing can customize various types and materials of the calibration board, the price is favorable, welcome to consult.

Customized dot calibration board case physical display


The most popular camera calibration algorithm is proposed by Tsai in 1987 [Tsai1987]. The Tsai method uses a non-coplanar dedicated algorithm. The identified 3D calibration object is calibrated to provide the correspondence between the image point and its corresponding 3D space point and the calibration parameter is calculated. Another practical approach was proposed by Zhang in 1999 [Bouguet2007], which requires at least two different views of a planar calibration pattern for calibration. Both methods are effectively implemented by Caltech's camera calibration tool and have been integrated into Intel's vision algorithm library OpenCV [OpenCV2004]. Through the calibration algorithm, the projection matrix of the camera can be calculated and the 3D measurement information of the scene can be provided. Similar transformation-level metric reconstruction can be achieved without given absolute translation, rotation, and scaling parameters of the real scene.

In the application of machine vision, the use of  Dissymmetry Halcon Calibration Board is very necessary, because for the accuracy measurement, the distortion of the lens itself is unavoidable, and at the same time it needs to achieve the accuracy that the customer is satisfied with, so the image itself is required to be very real and accurate, otherwise the software level No matter how high it is, it is also processed based on images with errors, and the final result must have a large error.

High-precision system calibration is the premise and foundation for precise measurement and inspection of machine vision systems. It can improve the accuracy of the entire measurement system through two steps.

The first is error measurement and evaluation. The high-precision calibration system realizes this process through the images collected by the professional image calibration board in the machine vision system environment and cooperates with the professional calibration algorithm. The system can accurately obtain the range of vision. The error value at any position, and the accuracy level of the machine vision system is evaluated based on this error data.

The second step is the correction and compensation of the error image. The calibration system performs position correction and compensation for each pixel information on the image according to the error data obtained in the first step. This process involves image translation, rotation, interpolation, reconstruction, brightness compensation, etc. A precise image algorithm, the corrected and compensated image can more accurately reflect the actual situation of the object under test, so as to achieve the purpose of precise measurement and detection.

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company advantage

In terms of computational holograms, Zhixing can provide full-process solutions from optical design, processing file coding, semiconductor processing, inspection error analysis, and inspection result calibration. The product delivery time is within 1 to 2 weeks, and the price is more advantageous.

In terms of calibration plates, Zhixing can provide comprehensive and professional services in material processing, coating, semiconductor processing, precision cutting, and reliability testing.


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