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Halcon 8mm Glass Calibration Board
  • Halcon 8mm Glass Calibration BoardHalcon 8mm Glass Calibration Board
  • Halcon 8mm Glass Calibration BoardHalcon 8mm Glass Calibration Board
  • Halcon 8mm Glass Calibration BoardHalcon 8mm Glass Calibration Board
  • Halcon 8mm Glass Calibration BoardHalcon 8mm Glass Calibration Board
  • Halcon 8mm Glass Calibration BoardHalcon 8mm Glass Calibration Board
  • Halcon 8mm Glass Calibration BoardHalcon 8mm Glass Calibration Board

Halcon 8mm Glass Calibration Board

You are welcome to come to our factory to buy the latest selling, low price and high-quality Halcon 8mm Glass Calibration Board. Zhixing is a technology-based enterprise focusing on the research and development of optical devices. The founder of the company graduated from famous optoelectronic schools. Zhixing look forward to cooperating with you.

Zhixing can customized with high precision Halcon 8mm Glass Calibration Board. This Halcon 8mm Glass Calibration Board is made of quartz glass, quartz glass calibration plate is a common measuring tool, it can be used for a variety of measurement work. It is made of high purity quartz glass, with high hardness, high transparency, high heat resistance and chemical stability and other excellent properties.

This Halcon 8mm Glass Calibration Board mainly used to measure optically related parameters, such as refractive index, reflectivity, transmittance, etc. It can be used in various fields, such as biomedicine, physics experiments, pharmaceuticals, food detection, etc. It can provide accurate data and guarantee the accuracy and reliability of the test.

The production process of quartz glass calibration plates is very strict, and Zhixing follows strict specifications and standards. The most advanced technology is used to ensure its quality and performance. Multiple inspections and tests are carried out to ensure that each quartz glass calibration plate complies with international standards.

Compared to other similar measuring tools, the quartz glass calibration plate has a longer service life and higher accuracy. They can be used in extreme conditions and have stood the test of time. These Halcon 8mm Glass Calibration Board can be reused and are not affected by the external environment.

Whether you are engaged in laboratory research, industrial applications or academic research, quartz glass calibration plates are an essential tool for you.

Drawing display

Specifications Diameter Distance number of dots material Precision
Halcon6mm 0.375mm 0.75mm 7*7 glass/ceramics ±0.001mm
Halcon10mm 0.625mm 1.25mm 7*7 glass/ceramics ±0.001mm
Halcon15mm 0.9375mm 1.875mm 7*7 glass/ceramics ±0.001mm
Halcon20mm 1.25mm 2.50mm 7*7 glass/ceramics ±0.001mm
Halcon30mm 1.875mm 3.75mm 7*7 glass/ceramics ±0.001mm
Halcon40mm 2.50mm 5.00mm 7*7 glass/ceramics ±0.001mm
Halcon50mm 3.125mm 6.25mm 7*7 glass/ceramics ±0.001mm
Halcon60mm 3.75mm 7.50mm 7*7 glass/ceramics ±0.001mm
Halcon80mm 5.00mm 10.00mm 7*7 glass/ceramics ±0.001mm
Halcon100mm 6.25mm 12.50mm 7*7 glass/ceramics ±0.001mm
Halcon160mm 10.00mm 20.00mm 7*7 glass/ceramics ±0.001mm
Halcon200mm 12.50mm 25.00mm 7*7 glass/ceramics ±0.001mm

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Physical display

In the application of machine vision, the use of the Halcon 8mm Glass Calibration Board is very necessary, because for the accuracy measurement, the distortion of the lens itself is unavoidable, and at the same time it needs to achieve the accuracy that the customer is satisfied with, so the image itself is required to be very real and accurate, otherwise the software level No matter how high it is, it is also processed based on images with errors, and the final result must have a large error.

High-precision system calibration is the premise and foundation for precise measurement and inspection of machine vision systems. It can improve the accuracy of the entire measurement system through two steps.

The first is error measurement and evaluation. The high-precision calibration system realizes this process through the images collected by the professional image calibration board in the machine vision system environment and cooperates with the professional calibration algorithm. The system can accurately obtain the range of vision. The error value at any position, and the accuracy level of the machine vision system is evaluated based on this error data.

The second step is the correction and compensation of the error image. The calibration system performs position correction and compensation for each pixel information on the image according to the error data obtained in the first step. This process involves image translation, rotation, interpolation, reconstruction, brightness compensation, etc. A precise image algorithm, the corrected and compensated image can more accurately reflect the actual situation of the object under test, so as to achieve the purpose of precise measurement and detection.

The method of determining the accuracy of the Halcon 8mm Glass Calibration Board:

The accuracy of the relative position between the center-to-center distances

How to choose the calibration board?

Select the appropriate calibration plate according to the size of the visual field, generally according to one-half or one-third of the field of view. The so-called field of view has many concepts: camera field of view (which comes with the camera parameters, usually we do not need to calculate it by ourselves); calibration field of view (object field of view, which can be understood as the field of view we say)

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