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4 Inch Photomask
  • 4 Inch Photomask4 Inch Photomask
  • 4 Inch Photomask4 Inch Photomask
  • 4 Inch Photomask4 Inch Photomask
  • 4 Inch Photomask4 Inch Photomask
  • 4 Inch Photomask4 Inch Photomask
  • 4 Inch Photomask4 Inch Photomask
  • 4 Inch Photomask4 Inch Photomask

4 Inch Photomask

As a professional high quality 4 Inch Photomask manufacturer, you can rest assured to buy 4 Inch Photomask from our factory. Intellectual property rights, breaking the monopoly of foreign counterparts in this technology. In the development of calibration boards, Zhixing have maintained long-term cooperation with many well-known enterprises at home and abroad.

Zhixing have rich experience in the production of 4 Inch Photomask, we have our own processing and production factory, the price is favorable, and we support the customization of various sizes, while ensuring high precision, to meet all requirements of customers, welcome to consult, look forward to working with you.

4 Inch Photomask is a very important device in the optical industry, which is mainly used in the manufacturing and production process of optical devices. The application range of mask version is very wide, covering many fields such as electronics, semiconductors, optics, and chemistry. The 4 Inch Photomask technology enables the production of micron level manufacturing accuracy and high-quality templates, which provides important support for the development of the optical industry.

In the field of electronics, the mask version is mainly used to produce various microelectronic components in electronic products, such as transistors, integrated circuits, LED chips and so on. Through mask plate technology, micron level manufacturing accuracy can be achieved, making the manufacturing process of electronic components more refined and efficient, and greatly improving the production capacity and product quality of the electronics industry.

In the semiconductor industry, the 4 Inch Photomask is also an indispensable device. Semiconductor chip is one of the basic components in modern science and technology, and mask plate is an indispensable manufacturing tool in the production process of semiconductor chip. The 4 Inch Photomask can realize the "local" processing and growth of semiconductor chips, making the production of semiconductor chips more efficient and refined, and improving the manufacturing capacity and product quality of the semiconductor industry.

In the optical industry, the mask version is mainly used to manufacture high-precision optical devices, such as solar panels, optical protective films and so on. The mask plate technology can achieve fine control of the shape, size, thickness and other parameters of the optical device, produce high-quality optical devices, and make the optical industry grow stronger and stronger.

Mask plate technology is also widely used in the field of chemistry. In chemical production, mask plate can achieve micron level precision manufacturing, the production of high-quality composite materials, chemical reagents and pharmaceutical products and other products, has made an important contribution to the development of the chemical industry.

In summary, the application range of mask plate in the optical industry is very wide, and it can achieve micron level manufacturing accuracy, which promotes the high-quality development of the optical industry. With the continuous progress of science and technology, mask technology is also constantly updated and improved, providing a broader development space for the future development of the optical industry.


product name Accuracy(um) material Color
photomask ±1 Glass/Quartz transparent
photomask ±0.5 Glass/Quartz transparent
photomask ±0.15 Glass/Quartz transparent
photomask ±0.3 Glass/Quartz transparent

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Physical display of glass photomask lithography products

crafting process:

(1) Draw a mask reticle layout file (GDS format) that can be recognized by the generation device

2) Use a maskless lithography machine to read the layout file, perform non-contact exposure (exposure wavelength 405nm) on the blank reticle with glue, and illuminate the required pattern area on the  reticle to make the photoresist in this area. (usually positive glue) undergoes a photochemical reaction

3) After developing and fixing, the photoresist in the exposed area dissolves and falls off, exposing the underlying chromium layer

4) Use chromium etching solution for wet etching, etch the exposed chromium layer to form a light-transmitting area, and the chromium layer protected by the photoresist will not be etched, forming an opaque area. In this way, plane pattern structures with different light transmittances are formed on the  reticle.

5) If necessary, use wet or dry methods to remove the photoresist layer on the  reticle, and clean the reticle.


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